For the first time ever, Dallas Music Network has a brand-new site full of exciting content highlighting amazing talent.

It’s been a long time coming, but Dallas Music Network has a home to help showcase some of Texas’ best in singers, groups, performers, artists, and many other creatives that grace our stage each week.

Since our inception in 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic, we’ve been carefully highlighting and curating the raw talent that exists within the Lone State. Even before 2020, so many bright and powerful voices were hidden within the highrises and skyscrapers of Dallas, tucked away amongst the greenery of Fort Worth, and obscured from ever seeing the spotlight as would-be all stars simply lacked the means of showing the world what they’re capable of.

To date, DMN has witnessed over a hundred artists from across the country from every background imaginable. From young upstarts to familiar faces from The Voice and more, we make it our business to make every artist shine.

As the year came and went, DMN hosted a plethora of artists from all parts of the state and beyond, becoming a shining beacon within a world gripped by a crippling pandemic. We sought out to give a voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, and a spotlight to those whose vocal talents helped others in some of their darkest days.

With Season 4 wrapped up and a new season on the horizon, we’re pushing things to the limit on finding the best talents all across Texas and beyond. Whether you were raised in the suburbs or consider country life to be your source of inspiration, we’d love to show the world that talent exists in all of us.