The Artist Acceleration Program

Dallas Music Network‘s mission is to identify emerging musical artists and accelerate their success by connecting them to a network of support, opportunities, and resources for development, recording, digital media, streaming, promotion, and collaboration. We do this through our Artist Acceleration Program.

  • one-on-one coaching
  • songwriting and song development skills
  • Song Production and Recording
  • song producing and arranging
  • instrumentalist procurement/ band development
  • professional recording, mixing, and mastering
  • 5-song original EP

According to a 2018 International Federation of Musicians survey, 50% of independent musicians earn less than $21,000 per year from music-related activities.

The grim reality is that for the vast majority of musicians, their work as a musician will not cover their own living expenses even though the Texas music industry generates billions in economic activity for the state annually.


Some of the most gifted musicians and creators have left music altogether.

Our programs aim to support artists’ long-term financial sustainability through

  • education and development
  • creating opportunities through collaborations and community building
  • Building 1000 “true fans” through streaming and promotion
  • Creating quality digital film assets to submit for paid performances
  • Creating monetizable assets – audio recordings

Dallas Music Network activities connect the community, foster creativity, and build artists’ financial sustainability.

Artist Acceleration Program In Action