To All Of Our Sponsors

Thank You

Timothy R. Wallace

Dallas Music Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is brought to you by the generosity of the Timothy R. Wallace Charitable Giving Fund. It is because of people like Mr. Wallace that the Dallas Music Network (DMN) can help fulfill its mission to create opportunities for artists of all ages and genres to thrive, to connect, and to use their passion to enrich the lives of others.

We have featured more than 300 musicians in a professionally staged and produced live stream show throughout the pandemic. We have also provided free video assets for songwriters of their performance for use on their websites and social media pages. This has included videos of performances, professional photography, live interviews, promotion, professional back-up bands and arrangers. We have also connected musicians to a vast network of talent in the local music industry including producers, arrangers, instrumentalists, sound engineers, graphic designers, visualists, lighting designers and film production. This has been accomplished at no charge regardless of the age or income of the artist.

Performance videos are a key need for artists to obtain venue bookings, to connect to their followers and to find new audiences. The Dallas Music Network Show, and resulting video assets, have helped new songwriters get their songs heard. We’ve helped artists book gigs and in one case have even helped an artist obtain a record deal with Sony. In addition, during the pandemic we were able to keep live music happening virtually.

Additional Sponsors

Theis Rice

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A Barefoot Photographer