Erik Barnes

Erik Barnes was born in Buffalo, New York, raised there and in
Seattle, Washington. His formal education in music began with
private piano lessons followed by degrees from Yale College
(B.A.), Washington State University (M.A.) and doctoral studies at
the University of North Texas, where he was both a teaching
fellow and part time faculty member.

Mr. Barnes has always been eclectic in his musical tastes. whether
classical, jazz, blues or popular styles. He has performed concerts
in many of the major cities in the U.S. including, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San
Antonio, Chicago, New York, Boston, Buffalo, Tampa and
Atlanta. He has also played with four orchestras in the southwest.

For the past twenty-five years, Barnes has been the lead
entertainer as a pianist-vocalist at the Library Bar in the Melrose
Hotel. It is a classic venue featuring an old school charm with a
hint of modern hipness. Additionally, he is often an accomopanist
for both opera and American Musical Theater. His home studio,
which is geared toward small groups, often finds him wearing
several hats including accompanist, arranger, composer and sound