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Dallas Music Network‘s mission is to identify emerging musical artists and accelerate their success by connecting them to a network of support, opportunities, and resources for development, recording, digital media, streaming, promotion, and collaboration.

Dallas Music Network has been one of the greatest entities of my career. It’s been a lot of help for me, giving me a staging platform to express myself
Cyfa Fix
Dallas Music Network... was one of the best experiences I had last year when it came to a performance. I remember I walked in and I saw this big, beautiful stage… I had my friends out there and it was such, such, such a really great experience for me!
Shoutout to Dallas Music Network for giving me the greatest opportunity that I could have last year to show my talent and all that I can do for the city
Lamar Strait
It was an amazing experience! We were treated SO well! Everyone was very COVID-cautious, of course! We had our own dressing room with my name on it and a star… the whole deal!
Court Hoang
It’s a great way to connect with other musicians and talented artists in the Dallas area!
Sydney Cope

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We asked a handful of our all-star talents their honest opinions about the Dallas Music Network family.

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