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Calling All Music Lovers!

You can determine how much music we share online!

Dallas Music Network is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to help artists reach their full potential through performance, digital media, streaming, recording, and collaboration opportunities because of the generosity of people like you. We love your donations, and we are incredibly grateful for every single person who gives to help us continue our mission.

Donate HERE to help Dallas Music Network continue creating quality content that unites hardworking artists with voracious audiences. You may even see your name in the credits of our next show!

Not in a place to donate right now? That’s okay! We don’t just exist because of your donations. We exist because of your energy, and we still need your help–as a volunteer!

If you love live music…

If you hit your stride when you’re vibing with artists…

If creativity is your jam…

Dallas Music Network wants to put you to work. (And if you don’t, send a link to this page to someone who does, because we want to put them to work!)

We’re looking for photographers, cinematographers, videographers, editors, social media experts, web designers, graphic designers, marketing mavens, copywriters, administrators, and SEO gurus to help Dallas Music Network grow. We need your help so we can help more artists!

If you love music and want to volunteer for Dallas Music Network, but you’re not sure if you have the “right” skills, reach out anyway! Our enthusiastic team of entertainment professionals is happy to make the necessary connections and/or train you in your areas of interest so you can help us serve our artist community.

If you want to work with Dallas Music Network, but you’re still a student, you can apply to join our intern team. Looking for an academic internship for your college or university? Our on-staff professor will be happy to work with your academic institution to create a for-credit class in music business, creative media marketing, or entertainment management. Not interested in college credit yet? You can still diligently donate your time and skills in exchange for a glowing letter of recommendation.

If you’re already watching our shows and cheering on our artists, take it one step further and volunteer for Dallas Music Network. Click the link below and fill out our quick and easy form to start contributing to the future of music today.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Dallas Music Network is on a mission to help musical artists reach their full potential. We value the tapestry of sound created by every shape, size, gender, and color of humanity. Not only do we believe that diversity makes music better, we believe that diversity makes us better. From our board to our leadership, to the artists and audiences we serve, diversity and inclusion are not just a belief, it’s who we are.
With the extensive reach of our programs, Dallas Music Network is in a unique position to champion music makers from diverse backgrounds. We take this responsibility seriously. We are deliberate in our process of artist selection to ensure equity, inclusion, and diversity of race, age, economic background, and gender identity. As a diverse group of music makers and music lovers ourselves, this is an organic core value and a natural part of our internal compass.

Safe Workspace Policy Rev. 001 March 15, 2022

The Dallas Music Network Safe Space Policy aims to ensure an open and welcoming environment on our stages, in our interview chairs, and throughout every aspect of our workspaces so that all our musicians, technicians, and staff feel comfortable participating.

Dallas Music Network has adopted this Safe Space Policy recognizing that systematic oppression attempts to exclude certain groups. This safe space policy protects oppressed groups and encourages their full participation. Dallas Music Network is committed to operating as an inclusive and supportive space where no forms of discrimination are tolerated. Racism, homophobia, biphobia, sexism, transphobia, disablism, or prejudice based on age, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender identity, language ability, immigration status, or religious affiliation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Dallas Music Network requires all musicians and staff to adhere to this policy. This policy also extends to all online communications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Website, etc.). Safe Space Guidelines

Be aware of the connotations of your language. Respect others and do not make assumptions about gender, abilities, ethnic identity, survivor status, or life experiences.
Respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries, always get explicit verbal consent before touching someone or crossing boundaries.
We encourage all to listen to views different from their own and express opposition nonconfrontational.
Harassment, hostility, and aggression will not be tolerated.
Upholding this policy is a collective responsibility.

Individuals are responsible for their behavior. Violations should be reported to a supervisor or officer. Violation of this policy may result in immediate removal.