Welcome To The Dallas Music Network

Our mission: “To create opportunities for artists to thrive, to connect, and to use their passion to enrich the lives of others.”

In March 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns began abruptly, sending shockwaves through the live music industry. Beverly Perry, Cryste Deshields, Carlos Guedes, and other Dallasites who had worked for many years in the local live music scene, came up with a plan to keep the music playing, even with venues closed and concerts cancelled. They built the tech team and began recruiting local talent that they could feature in livestreamed performances and recordings, and Dallas Music Network was born.For independent musicians who made their entire living from the already unstable “gig economy,” Dallas Music Network provided performance opportunities, artistic development, coaching, and exposure to industry executives. Now a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization, Dallas Music Network’s work has expanded far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, providing critical resources and performance opportunities to rising artists from the Dallas area, with the goal of supporting a flourishing artistic community and ensuring that live music continues to thrive in North Texas.

Dallas Music Network directly affects artists . Here’s what we do:
  • We professionally stream to Dallas Music Network YouTube & Facebook profiles.
  • We provide performance fees, professional photography of performances, edited video singles, and in-depth filmed interviews of the artist’s story, as well as promotion – all at no charge.
  • We provide opportunities for Texas artists to create professional connections within the local music industry and beyond.
Dallas Music Network has worked with more than 100 featured artists and over 300 additional supporting musicians, including (but not limited to):
  • Kaati
  • Rob Holbert
  • Carlos Guedes
  • Tempest B
  • Sydney Cope
  • Rey Santana
  • Brian Pounds
  • Emmeline
  • Beckham Brothers
  • Cyfa Fix
  • Red Clay Gypsies
  • Sarah Johnson

  • Shailaun
  • Karri Music
  • Akshara
  • Joe Savage
  • Southern Brave
  • Taylor Dee
  • Taylor Davidson
  • Poppy Xander
  • Tristen Cole
  • La Bell
  • The Inspiration Band
  • DXV The Singer

  • Stephen Pride
  • Andrew Sevener
  • Elyse Jewel
  • Que P
  • The Dirty Shirts
  • Dem Chops
  • Simone Nicole
  • Joe King
  • Cassandra Robertson
  • Grace Pettis
  • Kierion Johnson
  • Grace Pettis