Carlos Guedes Live on DMN

Carlos Guedes is a Latin jazz harpist from Caracas Venezuela based in Dallas Texas. His music offers a unique blend of contemporary Latin jazz with Afro-Carribean and Brazilian Rhythms. Not only is he wonderful amongst staff and artists at Dallas Music Network, but Carlos is extremely talented with a harp as he plays soothing and powerful melodies in these terrific songs coming to you live at 8pm on September 18th.

Taylor Davidson Live on DMN

Taylor Davidson is a singer/songwriter influenced by Dolly Parton and Kasey Musgraves. She packs a punch with daring, unexpected vocal grit that blurs the lines between the pop-country and indie alternative worlds. An alumni to DMN, Taylor Davidson returns for another memorable night. Watch 3 great songs performed live on DMN September 11th at 8pm.


ALLNAMESTKN began his journey to music by writing poetry that strongly represented the world he was living in at the time. Growing up in Dalworth and having incarcerated family members strongly influenced him to discover an outlet that was not only beneficial for himself, but also influential to everyone around him—poetry. He eventually learned how to play the keyboard and developed a talent for pairing moving lyrics with dynamic melodies that are felt long after the record is turned off.